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Monthly Contest
What is it?

Now that this month is almost over, I'm announcing the second video contest: Back to school

This Month (March 2018)

To motivate the main age group of the alternative video site community to do something other than to be edgelords, the contest "Back to school" should motivate them to put that time into school related things.

How do I enter?

Just make a school related video and tag the video with backtoschool.

Who wins?

The winner will be picked at the end of the month by the BitView staff.

The Prize?

Fame, fortune, and the envy of all eyes.
Monthly Video Contest Schedule
February 2018: wherethehellismatt
March 2018: Back to school
April 2018: To Be Announced
May 2018: To Be Announced
June 2018: To Be Announced

Have a suggestion for a monthly video contest? Please tell us about it.