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August 29, 2019

and the reason why i hate mondo is he is toxic and he almost made a friend of mine kill himself or at least thats one of the reasons why

August 29, 2019

why would i? i still think there's no hope here and their is more hope on but hey why not check out legacytube when it comes out? also i'm pretending to be racist so yeah :P

August 24, 2019

@Skid1288 oh ok i thought you were overreacting

August 18, 2019

dude it's a joke parody i made since i joined on my first account in april 2018 and still semi active... also i feel more outspoken ad less autistic so yeah. thats why i pretend to be god of bitview because the joke is it's so dead i can buy it for 1$ and 15 cents... just enjoy the joke and roll with it

August 11, 2019

oh hi there (:

August 08, 2019

(Thanks for commenting on my Toroko vid, just letting you know, this is a parody channel haha XD -theweebochannel)

July 29, 2019

oh cool im featured now

June 23, 2019

i don't have minecraft

June 15, 2019

welcome to the bitview paradox where it was supposed to be 2007 this year but it's stillmid 06

March 24, 2019

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