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Hello. I'm BigMushroomFan
About Me: BitView Moderator. If you need any assistance, please message me.

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Signed Up: 2 years ago
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arkoon63 08.03.20 my birthday date
arkoon63 07.31.20 Pls join my new group
killer199 07.29.20 p
Animaster 07.27.20 I Have LimeMetz's IP and His Location. (I Censored the Screenshot)
Herotrap 07.25.20 A REVIVIR VIDLII
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July 19, 2020

Now I see. In his comments section, I noticed that he has been harassing some more people, example hating someone cuz they are LGBT, and he uses very offensive language (like the comment I showed you).

July 19, 2020

I am going to see if they are harassing someone else, and I will tell you.

July 19, 2020

Hello, I have a question. Can I report someone for hate/harassing? Someone has been commenting on my videos, telling to f*ck off. Original comment: Faltaba el tonto del gacha y encima petando con texto zalgo. ANDA A TOMAR POR CULO YA COJONES. Their usernamename is xLegend, and my video is so please tell me :(

January 13, 2020

Found A Strange VHS Tape in My Parents' Bathroom Closet:

January 01, 2020

Please take down this channel this is my account but i could not log in so now its just collecting dust and i dont want a clone of my channel hanging around so go to the link and take him down. Thank you @BigMushroomFan!
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