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Hello. I'm Cleber
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Status: Single
About Me: I create videos and upload them to this website.

Last Login: 9 hours ago
Signed Up: 12 months ago
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Mondo099 04.19.19 .
Skid1288 04.18.19 I GAWT A NU CELL FONE X3
Skid1288 04.18.19 Vaati is a genius satirical account
Herotrap 04.15.19 Vídeo pronto
Punked 04.14.19 ¡Punked REGRESA! ¡PUNKAST!
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Name: Cleber
Subscribers: 71
Videos Watched: 4,803
Profile Viewed: 4,384
Last Login: 9 hours ago
Member Since: 12 months ago
Hobbies: Video games, making movie and watching TV
Favorite Music: DNB radio,metal,009 sound system, Jazz, etc.
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March 24, 2019

sup cleber the clever guy

March 21, 2019

Por que me nombraron? :P

March 05, 2019

Do I give a flying shit if SuperFire can only speak Spanish? No, I absolutely do not. This is all gary54/TGet! fault, he advertised BitView in all Spanish on YouTube, making all of the Spanish speaking only people who lack speaking English at all invade BitView. BitView used to be a place where a lot of English speaking people uploaded their videos when it launched before gary54/TGet had advertised his YouTube video, and I am one of those English speakers that has decided to come back to BitView

January 31, 2019


January 28, 2019

hola cleber :)
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