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Hello. I'm ImThePugster
About Me: Get the all-new Bucket Fucker from KFC

Last Login: 8 months ago
Signed Up: 1 year ago
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ImThePugster 11.05.18 nobody is gonna fucking read this but
ImThePugster 09.04.18 thoughts on recent bitview videos
ImThePugster 08.26.18 fucking rip bitview squad member
ImThePugster 07.01.18 guess what
ImThePugster 05.04.18 important 2
More About Me
Name: some guy whos trapped in the mid 2000's to early 2010's
Subscribers: 26
Videos Watched: 1,605
Profile Viewed: 3,711
Last Login: 8 months ago
Member Since: 1 year ago
Personal Website:
Hobbies: Asking Danny if he wants to see his dick
Favorite Books: party rockers in the hou
Favorite Movies & Shows: se tonight
Favorite Music: the shrek theme, you know
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My Comments

March 21, 2019

megamind rap

March 16, 2019 this is my jam

March 13, 2019

March 11, 2019

MFW i see someone make an extremely racist video and see how many comments there are:

March 08, 2019

i actually remember thinking for a whole week that t mobile blocked access to bitview until i realized the servers had shot themselves in the ass for chrome users lmfao
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