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Hello. I'm Imageny
Age: 15
Gender: Male
About Me: I like Logos. I own A Lot Of Cameras, but Right Now i'm Using ones that can Record in SD since this Site doesn't support HD Yet. I use an E&L Phone, A DXG 5B6V-HD Camera on SD mode, a DOCAM HDV-301STR, a Dimika SJ4000 camera and rarely an ONN ONA17CA010.

Last Login: 2 months ago
Signed Up: 1 year ago
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From Date Bulletin
RODNEYCAPRA 08.26.19 HTML5 Version Of 2008-2010 YouTube Player
RODNEYCAPRA 07.29.19 I have a SuTubo account.
RODNEYCAPRA 07.25.19 I have a vidlii account!
RODNEYCAPRA 07.23.19 Yet Another YouTube Video Working On
RODNEYCAPRA 07.21.19 2008 YouTube Layout
More About Me
Name: Keegan
Subscribers: 15
Videos Watched: 815
Profile Viewed: 2,131
Last Login: 2 months ago
Member Since: 1 year ago
Hobbies: Playing on The Computer and Phone, Making movies, collecting Logos, etc,
Favorite Books: Undead Ed, Diary of A Wimpy kid, and Arthur
Favorite Movies & Shows: The Simpsons Movie, Space Jam, and Men In Black
Favorite Music: Green Day, Eiffel 65, Toto and Twisted Sister
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