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Skid1288 03.27.19 I GOT BANNED FROM CP FOR A DAY!!!!
Skid1288 03.27.19 birth date reveal
Skid1288 03.10.19 what is slum and is chile a mexico
Skid1288 03.07.19 new poop!
Skid1288 03.07.19 if you impeach trump you impeach freedom of speech
Skid1288 02.26.19 google video revival anyone?
Skid1288 02.25.19 youtube account got suspended
Skid1288 02.25.19 Final Post!!! I’m not gonna use bitview as much as I used to
Skid1288 02.25.19 My BitView Backstory
Skid1288 02.25.19 BitView is worse than VidLii now
Skid1288 02.25.19 Read the post that I made (the one below)
Skid1288 02.25.19 This site has changed for the worse (it’s worse than vidlii)
Skid1288 02.19.19 A Serious issue plaguing America!!!! READ WILL AFFECT GLOBAL MARKETS
Skid1288 02.18.19 Killer199 did nothing wrong cool cat did 9/11
Skid1288 02.18.19 ok sorry for clickbait bulliteins real news
Skid1288 02.18.19 God Damn Mexicans Beating us up at school
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