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Hello. I'm Skid1288
Age: 69
Gender: Male
Status: Single
About Me: I’m the most annoying person in the internet

Last Login: 2 days ago
Signed Up: 2 months ago
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Skid1288 02.18.19 ok sorry for clickbait bulliteins real news
Skid1288 02.18.19 God Damn Mexicans Beating us up at school
Skid1288 02.18.19 Football!!!
Cleber 02.18.19 funny fact
VaatiThePervert 02.17.19 Attention BitView!
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Name: Skid
Subscribers: 25
Videos Watched: 309
Profile Viewed: 1,312
Last Login: 2 days ago
Member Since: 2 months ago
Hobbies: Working on my Neocities Site, Listening to music, Playing Video games and Making Videos
Favorite Books: Game Manuals... Seriously.... i'm not alone... and seriously they made GTA LCS's Manual a Fucking Newspaper!!!!
Favorite Movies & Shows: N/A
Favorite Music: My Fav Genres are Punk Rock, Hard Rock, (New England or not) Death Metal, Pop Punk, Grunge,
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February 04, 2019

also same man... well out of teh murica at lest

February 04, 2019

oh really? southerners dont even gendeeeeeeeeer

February 03, 2019

I am not a fucking Mexican, I hate Mexicans and I want Mexico gone!

January 20, 2019

Bulk Bogan this court has seen you accused of drug abuse and heard your defence The Trail has gone on quite long enough so i'd like to take this moment to deliver my verdict I find you GUILTY and sentence you to 34 days in SouthTown Correctional Facility That May not be a Long time but it will be a hard time you'll be lucky if you survive I'm now handing you over to the wardens they'll help you settle into your new home

January 05, 2019

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