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It's an end of an era in the year 2020. This means that Adobe will no longer provide security updates and patches to Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player first started it's life in 1996 as then-named Macromedia Flash Player created by then now defunct company Macromedia Inc. Adobe then acquired the rights to Macromedia Flash Player in 2005 and it's former company which made Macromedia Inc. go defunct, and Macromedia Flash Player was renamed to Adobe Flash Player.
Added: January 22, 2018 by TCT101
Runtime: 283 seconds | Views: 112 | Comments: 2
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This is a 5 minute video rant that I have made about the WWE Network in Canada. WWE Network is an online streaming service like Netflix that offers every WWE programming made. I just don't like how it is. You cannot subscribe without being tied to a TV Provider! It's just ugh... The people who live in the United States do not have to do this. It's all online in the United States!
Added: January 22, 2018 by TCT101
Runtime: 300 seconds | Views: 80 | Comments: 0
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I absolutely hate data caps, they are nothing more then a cash grab to the Internet Service Provider. The ISP's think its for customer fairness and/or to prevent
Added: January 22, 2018 by TCT101
Runtime: 595 seconds | Views: 68 | Comments: 0
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I miss the good ol' days of YouTube, I really do... But we have Vidlii now, to relive those memories. :)
Added: January 22, 2018 by TCT101
Runtime: 172 seconds | Views: 179 | Comments: 3
Rating: (4 ratings)
Hope that you enjoy the nostalgia trip! :) And of course the concept still works on, it's just that the video will no longer load of course. Thanks for watching and enjoy the video! :)
Added: January 21, 2018 by TCT101
Runtime: 336 seconds | Views: 155 | Comments: 2
Rating: (4 ratings)
This has gone far enough... It's so stupid, to be quite honest with you...
Added: January 21, 2018 by TCT101
Runtime: 40 seconds | Views: 80 | Comments: 1
Rating: (2 ratings)
Some people are saying that the letter "V" in the current Vidlii logo is looking ugly. Here is my response to the people saying this, to both taunt you, and for your laughing pleasure, lol. :P Anyways, enjoy the video! Link to my creation: (Adobe Flash Player Required & Must Be Enabled)
Added: January 21, 2018 by TCT101
Runtime: 211 seconds | Views: 103 | Comments: 0
Rating: (0 ratings)
Louis just doesn't know how to run a website anymore, and has a troubled past with the community, and also backstabbed everyone, forced asking donations down people's throats to everyone to keep the website running once upon a time, and also the fact that Zippcast kept on getting hacked. They also attempted a relaunch early this year, which failed. They shutdown again, and never re-launched. Zippcast should stay shutdown. Period. Seriously?
Added: January 21, 2018 by TCT101
Runtime: 291 seconds | Views: 451 | Comments: 7
Rating: (1 ratings)
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