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Hello. I'm pridefulsaucer
Gender: Male
About Me: G,day it's me pride I'm back baby I lost my old account I've got a new one theirs gonna be a lot of stuff I'm gonna do here Interests and Hobbies: I love riding motor bikes and pig shooting Music: My favourite bands are pearl jam nirvana early silverchair

Last Login: 6 months ago
Signed Up: 2 years ago
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Dilly 10.02.19 uh
paris201 03.30.19 SIGO VIVO
edray1416 03.19.19 Progress of BitView
edray1416 03.10.19 BitView getting updated?
edray1416 03.02.19 Gaining around
More About Me
Name: the KĪCK AЯSE AussĪe 3.0
Subscribers: 2
Videos Watched: 65
Profile Viewed: 481
Last Login: 6 months ago
Member Since: 2 years ago
Hobbies: Hunting dirt bike riding listening to rock music
Favorite Books: Rabbit proof fence
Favorite Movies & Shows: chopper
Favorite Music: Grinspoon pearl jam silverchair the offspring
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1 year ago
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July 09, 2018

Shut your fucking face, Uncle Fucka You're a cock sucking, ass licking Uncle Fucka You're an Uncle Fucka, yes, it's true Nobody fucks uncles quite like you Shut your fucking face, Uncle Fucka You're the one that fucked your uncle, Uncle Fucka You don't eat or sleep or mow the lawn You just fuck your uncle all day long What's going on

May 08, 2018

Wow i like it
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