hello, vistafan12 here!
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I'm a BitView Developer. If you have any problems with site, please contact me.
Gender: Male
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Hobbies: What if I say I'm not like the others
Favorite Books: What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays
Favorite Movies & Shows: You're the pretender
Favorite Music: What if I say that I'll never surrender
Status: Single
Website: https://vistafan12.eu.org
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NoMax | January 17, 2021
yes my videos url has the number 69 in it! we finally achieved it in 4 years. unless there was an older video with 69 in the url
NoMax | January 12, 2021
i hope when you made this site you hoped for this
NoMax | January 12, 2021
im not sure if you care but i finally got 69 in my videos url http://www.bitview.net/watch.php?v=(((((((((69)))))))))j0vV8I1DT
Astana | January 10, 2021
What do you think of Trump?
YukiSnowCraft | January 09, 2021
@koalaman10 that account is 2 years old plus that dude is hilarious
User | January 01, 2021
iPad Touch
drkostreamsclips | December 29, 2020
Can you add custom URLs to BitView because YouTube added them around this era of YouTube (like bitview.net/drkostreamsclips)
Machinima | December 28, 2020
can you join my stupid network
SatoshiNakomoto | December 26, 2020
Can you please remove the avatar stretching, that was removed in 2008 and its getting really inconsistent as in some places they are shaped like video thumbnails and in other places they are shaped like avatar images
TheKyleAndJamShow | December 13, 2020
quick question, can you add a rename account feature like what vidlii has?

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