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Staffing Changes and Clarification of Moderation Policies | Apr 08, 2022

During the past few days, I've noticed that there has been substantial confusion and misconceptions regarding both the reasons for the recent staff changes, as well as my overall intentions for BitView and VidLii. I hope to clarify things here for everybody.

Firstly, and most importantly, neither BitView nor VidLii are, or will ever become, mouthpieces for any political agenda—the sites will always remain officially neutral with respect to all such matters, and will never endorse any specific viewpoint. They're simply here to be the platforms for you to upload and share the videos that matter to you, to express the beliefs that are important to you, and to discover and connect with those whom you share interests with.

Of course, this also applies to the BitView and VidLii staff, who are free to register accounts and upload videos advocating a particular cause or stance, whatever it may be, so long as their content and conduct do not break a rule in the Community Guidelines. One of the things which the staff strives for is fairness, and it would be unfair to remove any user's videos—including a staff member's—for anything other than a Community Guidelines violation.

This is why we had to make some staff changes recently: we had a staff member who, unfortunately, went beyond his given authority, taking action multiple times against videos and accounts that were not in violation of the Community Guidelines. We hold our staff very strictly to this policy—that only Community Guidelines violations should ever be punished, and that users should never have to log in one day to find that they've suddenly had their videos removed, received a strike, or even been banned for something that they thought was perfectly acceptable because it wasn't against the rules.

Regrettably, Vistafan disagreed with our staffing changes and resigned from any further programming work on BitView. We're disappointed to see him leave, and his departure will mean a temporary slowdown in new features for BitView, but we're still quite confident in our ability to make continued improvements to the site.

There are no immediate or future threats to the ongoing stability of both sites, and everyone involved must move on and accept these staffing changes so that progress can continue.

I realize that many users have encountered videos on BitView and/or VidLii that they disagree with, and sometimes strongly so; on sites like these with such a wide variety of material, such disagreements are inevitable. It is not the job of the staff, however, to censor controversial but otherwise permitted content from the sites; instead, we encourage you to upload your own videos in order to counter opinions you disagree with. I firmly believe that BitView and VidLii will be at their best and most enjoyable when they have brought back the freedom that characterized old YouTube.

June 2021 Contest Winners | Jul 01, 2021

The month has ended, and so the contest. And we have the winners!

1st Place: Bitview castle in minecraft From Pews

2nd Place: BitView in Minecraft! from chaosweegee217

3rd Place: Minecraft Cake from retrogames6425

Thanks for participating! There were 36 entries added to this contest!
What should I upload on BitView? | Jun 18, 2021

Hello there BitViewers. We’ve recently seen people making videos on what they want but we’ve noticed some people posting comments saying “it’s not made in the style of 2008” and we do not agree with them statements. We don’t mind what kind of videos you upload on the site (apart from videos which break the rules like Pornography, gore, hate speech or copyrighted videos). We want this platform to be welcoming to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you make original content, make videos in a style of a particular year or even making a video in your own language. You know that the BitView team and the community will welcome you to this site and the community as a whole.
10,000 USERS | Jun 03, 2021

Hello there BitViewers, we’re here to say thank you for helping BitView to become what it is. We’ve hit over 10K users on the site!!! Which is equal to the population of these British towns, Crofty and Scorton!!!

Here’s all of the stats from the website as of the 3rd of June 2021.
Site Stats
Total Views:803,048
Total Comments:31,958
Total Favorites:19,776
Total Ratings:65,029
Total Friends:12,954
Total Subs:22,431
Total Bulletins: 4,061

Here’s to another 10k!

~Team BitView
November 2020 Contest Winners | Dec 01, 2020

The month has ended, and so the contest. And we have the winners!

1st Place: Snowmans in the winter from PASTE

2nd Place: Snow (Artsy Video) from CazOSX

3rd Place: Winter Does Not Exist from NoMax

Thanks for participating! There were more than 30 entries!
New BitView layout is finally here! | Sep 20, 2020

Yup, you have been waiting forever for a new update I know. But you finally got an update after around 2 years of waiting.

New BitView layout

Thank you for being with us! We hope you like the new layout!

- BitView Staff
Happy new (late) year! | Jan 26, 2020

Happy New Year!!

I hope this year will be twice as good as the previous one - I wish you a lot of success and joy (and updates) this new year.

"It was a very good year" | Dec 02, 2018

The year has passed since the foundation of the BitView website. This is a great opportunity to celebrate this anniversary with various statistics.

(as of December 2, 2018)
Users: 2,371
When we chose 1 thousand, I was terribly happy. Thanks to you, it happened in half a year. Now there are 2 thousand of us. Thank you very much!
Videos: 6.221
Total Views: 223,938
Total Comments: 7.365
Total Favorites: 4,572
Total Ratings: 11,822
Total Friends: 5.040
Total Subs: 3.417
Total Bulletins: 1,440
Big Updates: 3

And we wanted to finish this post with a video prepared by my good buddy, @BMF:

I apologize to you for not showing you a new layout, but we have not had time. However, thank you for everything.

I (as vistafan12) would like to inform you that I am applying for the position of a site developer. Wish me luck!

- BV Team
A long update-log | Jun 28, 2018

we've added a lot of things to BV. Here is the whole list!


- Added channel customization
- You can set video search query options now


- Fixed a lot of bugs
- Made some new bugs
- New header
- Header displays unseen messages now
- Added groups
- Changed design of the page in some places
- Site is a bit wider now
- Profile changes
- Customization affects every profile page now
- Links color customization
- Order channels by "last login", "most subs" and "most videos"
- Playlist descriptions and tags
- New contest
- Searching for playlists and groups
- Time limit is 1 hour now and video quality was slightly improved too
- New My Videos/My Favorites page
- Choose your avatar
- works now
- We recommend using it but since it would break old browsers, We won't force it.


- Added analytics (views per day)
- Custom CSS on groups

Join to our Discord server:

Or follow us on Twitter:

Thanks you for using BitView!
BitView Revolution | Apr 30, 2018

In Dec 05, 2017,
we had a 99 users,
90 videos,
173 comments and
92 favorites.

In Mar 10, 2018,
we had a 315 users,
476 videos,
551 comments and
385 favorites.

Right now,
In Apr 30, 2018
we have 920 users,
1,622 videos,
2,020 comments and
1,304 favorites.
And this number is still growing. It's thanks to you that the whole team is happy to have such a community.
Thanks to this opportunity, we've added some great things you can already use, such as Subscriptions, Channel 1.0 (ala 0.9) or new video quality soon.

I'm happy that I can manage a community like this.

Thanks you for make me happy. Also thanks to Jan, Animacreep, kazan and the rest of users who helps BV reach the perfect state.

Quick Update #2 | Apr 29, 2018

Hello everyone!
We're proud to announce that BitView now has a VK account!
This account will be similar to the Twitter one. We will post some BitView updates to keep you guys up to date.

Quick Update | Apr 16, 2018

Hey folks,
quick update - I would like to introduce you to the new moderator @Animacreep!
I hope you will have fun with our community!

PS: In a few weeks, we maybe publish Channel 1.0.
What's with us? | Mar 10, 2018

Hey folks,
Today, just a bit about statistics and big changes on BitView.
First, let's start with the statistics.


- 315 Users
- 476 Videos
- 41,079 Total Views
- 551 Total Comments
- 385 Total Favorites

I am very happy to see what you are doing for BitView. Remember, it's your portal, you decide about it, we just watch if sometimes no bot has spammed server :P

Big Changes

The entire administration (only me and Jan in total) are working on a new version of BitView, which will be released in a few weeks. I can not tell you when exactly the new version will appear, I hope it's the soonest. Here are some screenshots:

After publishing it will look different

Thank you for being with us, see you in the next post!

PS: Follow our Twitter:
I have no friends & what about you? | Jan 27, 2018

Another day, another BitView update.
A bunch of stuff got added and changed in the last few days, let me tell you a bit about the bigger changes:

Friends & Private Videos
Instead of having a big unorganized and often not even authorized list of users that can view your private videos, you can now invite others to be your friend on their channel. Those that accept the invitations will now be able to view your videos.

Deleting Comments
You're now able to delete the comments under videos that you own.

Videos List has an example on how you can display your BitView videos on your website.

Thank you for your support and the next few months are going to be exciting I'm sure.
Another Update? | Jan 21, 2018

Yes, nothing particularly groundbreaking but some bug fixes and speed improvements.
Private, deleted or videos without a thumbnail will also have a special thumbnail now instead of just showing up as an error.
New Look | Jan 18, 2018

BitView got a little visual upgrade and some bug fixes.
Update Time | Dec 09, 2017

It's time for the first BitView Update.
Even though the update isn't big, it has some useful stuff which I hope you'll enjoy.

- PAGES. You can now see more videos and messages instead of just a maximum of 16.
- VIDEO MESSAGES. If the video is still converting, it says so instead of just being broken.
- RSS FEED. Get notified when new videos are being uploaded to BitView.
- BUG FIXES. Some bugs have been fixed
2 days stats | Dec 05, 2017

Here is some stats from 03/12/2017 to 05/12/2017.
Users: 99
Videos: 90
Total Views: 2,303
Total Comments: 173
Total Favorites: 92

Thank you for using BitView.
What is this? | Dec 02, 2017

Just something I did for fun and to test a few things out.