Fanime BitView 粉丝动漫在BitView
The Official Group for BitView fanimator! 粉丝动漫动画师的BitView的官方组!

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Story 故事
I saw fanime on YouTube, and seeing it in a modern layout made me think "what if this was in 2006 layout?" Then I saw BitView and said "jackpot"! Thus, Fanime BitView was founded.
我曾在浏览YouTube当我发现粉丝动漫。在现代环境中看到这一点让我感到不舒服所以我以为“如果在2006年会发生什么?”。当我发现BitView我说的“jackpot”! 因此,制作了“粉丝动漫在BitView”。
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Created By: smugduckaf
Group URL: http://www.bitview.net/group.php?id=480

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