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Q: Where can I download the app for iOS 6 or lower?

A: You can download the app here.

Q: When will registration and login be available?

A: We plan to provide that functionality in the near future, most likely towards the end of the beta testing phase.

Q: Will it be possible to upload videos to my channel?

A: Not at the moment. If the website and app continue to grow, then yes, it will be possible in the future.

Q: When will you release a full-fledged iOS or Android app?

A: We are currently looking for developers who would be willing to create such an app. We are giving them freedom and access to parts of the BitView Code. Do you know someone? Please contact us on our Discord.

Q: Will there be language options available?

A: Yes, we plan to add language options for the mobile version.

Q: An iOS app has been released, but there is no app for Android. Why?

A: As mentioned earlier, we have no experience in developing for these operating systems (especially older versions of Android and iOS).

Q: Where can I find information about updates for the mobile version?

A: You can find logs on the BitView blog or join the update channel on Discord.

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