Monthly Contest

What is it?

A new contest, as always! This time it's EPIC!! IT'S ABOUT BITVIEW POOP!! (for BitView)

This Month (April 2021)

You heard me right! Today's contest is about BitView Poop!
As always, please do not submit reuploaded videos as your entry. It has to be something made by you (and ONLY you).

Last Month Winners

Winner: NoMax
Runner-up: AM123

How do I enter?

Make a BitView Poop that is related to this contest and use the tag bitview poop.

Who wins?

The winner will be picked at the end of the month by the BitView staff.

The Prize?

Fame, fortune, and the envy of all eyes.
Monthly Video Contest Schedule

November 2020: winter
December 2020: christmas
January 2021: old tech
February 2021: gaming
March 2021: sports

Have a suggestion for a monthly video contest? Please tell us about it.