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random stuff
read the newest bulletin which has all of my yt recreation accounts as of rn
Country: Antarctica
Hobbies: Gaming and memes lol
Favorite Books: Industrial society and its future
Favorite Movies & Shows: friday night funkin: the movie
Favorite Music: Funky music (the mod music is a absolute vibe) (my favorite ones are the whit ones, more specifically ballistic old.)
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ADM PLAYS: perda tuy!!!!!!1!
Added: 2 months ago
Views: 32
A low effort meme
Added: 2 months ago
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Grubhub ad but I edited it
Added: 8 months ago
Views: 58
Collabvm fun
Collabvm fun
Added: 8 months ago
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Me chennak trailee
Added: 8 months ago
Views: 28
Henry stickmin uses a bow (2016 or 2021 colorized)
Added: 8 months ago
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ADMcool69420 | September 04, 2021
I got a shout out on potato gaming's newest video

(thanks potato gaming very epic))
ADMcool69420 | September 02, 2021
a g o t gaming
PLAYMOBILKNIGHT335 | August 31, 2021
ADMcool69420 | August 30, 2021
once I find another old youtube like site I will make a account on it then link it on my bitview
ADMcool69420 | August 26, 2021
sorry for no videos in a while i currently am bored
ADMcool69420 | July 09, 2021
@sirkaotik:I can only play mobile games sadly
sirkaotik | July 08, 2021
plaey gmod in the nekst vidio
ADMcool69420 | July 04, 2021
@qd5 I uploaded the gaming video
ADMcool69420 | June 28, 2021
Just uploaded a new video, feeling good.
ADMcool69420 | June 08, 2021
Can't rn

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