suicide | June 13, 2021
first comment in like 2 months
Herotrap | April 07, 2021
sanluisgonzaaga123 | March 29, 2021
Sir | March 09, 2021
TheVideoGamerReturns | November 30, 2020
That's good. I'm good as well, just rocking out to some music. :)
TheVideoGamerReturns | November 15, 2020
Hey how are you?
CazOSX | November 15, 2020
Me too! xD I agree, same. I used to have an account called Cazzy, but deleted as I didn't use it, so I like the new layout and upgraded video quality, I know it's only 360p, but it's better than 240p any day. But this website is pretty cool, so I'm glad to be back and see some people from VidLii here too! ^~^
CazOSX | November 10, 2020
Nice to see you here!
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