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Hey, I'm Cazzy from YouTube, VidLii & that.x3

☠️ 𝓕𝓾𝓷 𝓕π“ͺ𝓬𝓽𝓼 ☠️
Female, she/her.
I'm from England
I'm emo.
I'm autistic.
I'm LGBT+.
I'm a vegetarian.
I've been doing YouTube since 2009.

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Hobbies: Making Videos, Video Editing, Listening To Music, Going On The Computer,
Favorite Music: Remo Drive, BMTH, MCR, PTV, ADTR, PTV, Blink 182, Deftones, 100 Gecs, Paramore, MSI, SOAD & More!
Website: http://youtube.com/CazOSX
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Father Christmas (Music Video)
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Hello BitView!
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Snow (Artsy Video)
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Break Your Little Heart (Music Video)
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TheVideoGamerReturns | November 17, 2020
That's good. Same here buddy.
TheVideoGamerReturns | November 15, 2020
That is good and you're welcome. :) I'm good as well buddy.
BoredWithADHD | November 15, 2020
Thanks. I wish the channel layout was easier to change. I might actually use this site much more often if the site updates a few more times and fixes all the bugs. This site looks almost exactly like 2007-2008 youtube atm.
JanibunnyChan | November 13, 2020
Cazzy, did you already know: Jan plans to completely rewrite Vidlii from scratch and build it up and he wants to add a lot of things to it! (Such as additional channel layouts for the layout switcher, all possible headers for a newly integrated header switcher, language setting and a lot more new things :) You can really look forward to something very nice: D Here is the link to the new Vidlii page : https://vili.co/ And here the invitation code for the page: kJtna6a
JanibunnyChan | November 13, 2020
I can really imagine that :) I also found Bwitter here on Bitview and have already registered there, precisely because it is really based on the old Twitter 1.1 :) And it would be really very nice if you were there too would register and support this site: D Here, my Bwitter account: https://bwitter.me/JanibunnyChan
TheVideoGamerReturns | November 12, 2020
Hey how are you?
JanibunnyChan | November 12, 2020
Cazzy Do you already know this page? And how do you like them? https://bwitter.me/ I would be really interested: D
JanibunnyChan | November 12, 2020
CazOSX That makes me happy :) And it is really possible that you wrote that to me on Vidlii back then, that you liked the background so much: D (many people wrote to me at the time that my background was really cute) Don't worry, the basic structure of the planned Bitview background version will for the most part be based on the Vidlii background, only I will adapt it to the YT Channel 1.0 layout for Bitview! PS: Shall I show you something nice now?
JanibunnyChan | November 12, 2020
CazOSX I'm really happy that you like my channel background so much: D Although I only use my Vidlii channel background for the transition ( as a placeholder), later I will create a background similar to Vidlii, which from then on is specially tailored to Bitview! :) love greetings Janina
hunter0one | November 11, 2020
Thanks for the sub! Subbed to you as well earlier today =)

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