Metalboy220 | October 18, 2020
con respecto al vídeo del PSA... SOLO te pueden banear si la cuenta es de otra persona, si es tuya entonces no te pueden banear así que tranquilo :). quizás también no te puedan banear si esa persona te da permiso a entrar a su cuenta (claro mientras no le destruyas el canal xD)
Marc0 | October 14, 2020
Happy Halloween!
NoMax | October 12, 2020
these are some good shit man!
enterwebs | October 06, 2020
i really wanna recreate that "don't stop me now" animation
joellmadrid | October 05, 2020
Argentina might be home to some of the worst animations made by companies (especially 80s home video logos from that country) but you, just one person, can make something that makes my head explode
enterwebs | October 05, 2020
you just earned a sub
Necromante2019 | July 30, 2020
sube criticas destructivas como yo
Cleber | March 15, 2020
que bueno diseño de canal
khoi | March 12, 2020
hello :))
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