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Steven Universe: Exposed Engine Rant!!!!
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Is Ubnuntu 14.04 LTS outdated? Part 1
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Giraffe Ad Blocker
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Minecraft Bedrock Let's Play Epoisde 5: A Ocean and a farm!
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Henry Stick Man Prisoin (Lame ending)
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Giraffe1008 | November 29, 2020
11 Subs!
Giraffe1008 | November 01, 2020
Over 200 views!
Giraffe1008 | October 07, 2020
Giraffe1008 | October 02, 2020
Check my yt for a you tube only vid (Do to size) it will be released at some point its a su video. Its like 19 min.
Giraffe1008 | October 01, 2020
5 Subs! Thanks Guys! Also I have a video that is going to be released today I am exporting the YouTube version witch is 1080p 60 fps!
PowerpuffTV | October 01, 2020
I'm back on BitView the 4th time! If somebody does something bad to me I'm doing a rant on BitView
Giraffe1008 | September 29, 2020
Giraffe1008 | September 28, 2020
Hey I dont know if a video will be posted today its my sister's big b day.
Giraffe1008 | September 23, 2020
Hey sir I massaged you but the htlm5 player doesn't work on any web bowers I tried like firefox , oprea , and chorme. Thats it also the like/ dislike button doesnt look on the flas player!
XdOut | September 21, 2020
hi! you said on my video that there's some thingz with this layout that needs to be fixed, can you tell me exactly which things so I can forward this to my friend (vistafan12) who is one of the developers of thiz website? it would be rly helpful so i'm looking forward to your reply ^^

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