Thunderstorm 2021 Season
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Hello and welcome to my weather project on BitView.

Here you can see different weather videos of all kinds.

Since 2009 I am already working on this project.

If you are interested and want to see more videos of it, subscribe to my channel.
Age: 29
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Country: Germany
Hobbies: Weather, Filming & Editing of Videos, Web Design
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May 1, 2021: Timelapse Video
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July 27, 2017: Thunderstorm in Berlin
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Start of the Thunderstorm 2017 Season
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April 1, 2021: Start of the Thunderstorm 2021 Season
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Oct 27, 2015: Last Super Moon 2015
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June 12, 2019: Severe Weather over Berlin
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TheVideoGamerReturns | April 13, 2021
Hey, I'm glad your day is going well. My day is going well too my friend. :)
TheVideoGamerReturns | April 11, 2021
Hey buddy how's your day going?
TheVideoGamerReturns | March 02, 2021
Oh okay pal. I understand. :)
TheVideoGamerReturns | March 01, 2021
That is good to hear. I'm doing good as well, just relaxing. :)
TheVideoGamerReturns | February 28, 2021
Hey how have you been?
TheVideoGamerReturns | December 26, 2020
Whoa that is amazing, my favorite South Park character of all time is Eric Cartman as well! :)
TheVideoGamerReturns | December 19, 2020
Oh cool. I mainly watch South Park the most out of the T.V. shows that I watch. Who is your favorite South Park character?
TheVideoGamerReturns | December 10, 2020
Cool! Same here buddy. I'll be happy for when 2020 will be over with
also. Seen any movies or T.V. shows lately?
TheVideoGamerReturns | December 04, 2020
Hey pal, long time no chat, how have you been?

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