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Channel Comments (15)
PLAYMOBILKNIGHT335 | April 28, 2022
they already blocked all the scam ads
iloveanime11111 | January 08, 2022
the ublock didn't do me any good. my laptop died so i'm on an keyboard android. i still can't find a way to block ads. the mods aren't doing their jobs
iloveanime11111 | January 04, 2022
Im experiecing pop ups too. Its on vidlii as well. maybe something's wrong on their end
Lightstorm1991 | January 02, 2022
2 views are counted every time you visit a user's channel. This is what I have seen. It is still not fixed.
vistafan12 | October 11, 2021
Will try to fix it asap.
BoredWithADHD | July 03, 2021
TheVideoGamerReturns | April 13, 2021
Hey, I'm glad your day is going well. My day is going well too my friend. :)
TheVideoGamerReturns | April 11, 2021
Hey buddy how's your day going?
TheVideoGamerReturns | March 02, 2021
Oh okay pal. I understand. :)
TheVideoGamerReturns | March 01, 2021
That is good to hear. I'm doing good as well, just relaxing. :)

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