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Type: Comedian
Joined: November 30, 2020
Last Login: 1 week ago
Videos Watched: 103
Subscribers: 3
Channel Views: 55
Loves BFDI and all object shows.
I love memes also.
Country: Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Hobbies: Publishing on my REAL youtube.
Favorite Books: Totally the ingredients of EZ-Squirt Ketchup
Favorite Movies & Shows: Spider-Man into the spider-verse and all 90s nick
Favorite Music: my favorite music is sweet static
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MacBack123 | December 17, 2020
A While ago, iCreated this group called "The Fake VHS Clan"
Anybody who sees this comment, go join it please!
MacBack123 | December 02, 2020
MacBack123 | November 30, 2020
Based After Adult Swim.
joellmadrid | November 30, 2020
MacBack123 | November 30, 2020
Welcome to my channel! I Also have a youtube channel of the same name! I Want you to sub to that.

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