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Marcusverse brings you the best content you can find on the BitView platform. Good DDR player
Gender: Male
Country: Ireland
Hobbies: DDR, Coding, BitViewing
Favorite Books: who the hell reads books
Favorite Music: DDR music, mostly electronic
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BVP - The CD is E
Added: 1 week ago
Views: 22
When you have nothing to upload
Added: 1 week ago
Views: 7
breaking my DSi 4# (Stairs Edition)
Added: 2 weeks ago
Views: 9
What you wake up to every morning
Added: 2 weeks ago
Views: 10
breaking DSi 3#!!!! (10 subscriber special)
Added: 2 weeks ago
Views: 12
mario brothers
Added: 2 weeks ago
Views: 21
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rompiendo inodoro de la escuela
Added: 8 months ago
Views: 308
Xbox 360 reveal!!1!1!!
Added: 1 month ago
Views: 12
Jacob, get off the Xbox 360
Added: 4 months ago
Views: 61
Playing Cave Game!!!11!
Added: 1 month ago
Views: 11
PARANOiA survivor - Heavy A
Added: 1 month ago
Views: 11
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SarahTurner | March 31, 2021
Hey :)
Marcusverse | March 17, 2021
everyone does!!!11
enterwebs | March 17, 2021
Marcusverse | March 01, 2021
Using BitView on a phone isn't that bad. You just have to resize the page every time.
Marcusverse | February 28, 2021
Hello BitView community! I joined BitView because I thought it would be cool to share videos all around the world! Make sure to stay up to date on my Bwitter page!

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