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From: sethn172
Date: June 17, 2022, 11:02 AM
Subject: Gerber Life
Attention parents and grandparents of young children. Have you recieved this special notice from gerber life? If not, you're urged to call this toll free number now, because gerber life is accepting applications for their affordable grow up plan! Its easy help your child get off to a good financial start,for just pennies a day! Free information will be sent to parents and grandparents who call now. Or, you can apply right now over the phone if you'd like. The grow up plan gives your child $10,000 in whole life insurance protection now, then doubles automatically to $20,000 later, at no extra cost. Later on your child can buy more, up to $100,000 in total protection, regardless of their health or job. 10x the original amount! The grow up plan also builds cash value that you can borrow from later! Help give your child a financial head start, for just pennies a day! Don't wait, call now for free information. Call 1-800-420-0106. Help your child get the financial head start they deserve.
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Dioluk96 | June 17, 2022
Чего? Что за хрень?

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