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zerofive (1 month ago)
reupload the "how babby get formed" video pls :D
Antrax (1 month ago)
ReuploadsFromYT (1 month ago)
Hey everyone it's a shame to say but on the 17th April I have to go back to college this needs my full attention I would love to stay on bitview whilst in term time but this cannot be done meaning reuploads from ReuploadsfromYT will have to stop for about a month please stick around keep watching the videos there are and join the group chat where there is a link to my discord where I first gave the update when I get back I shall be uploading 10 a day like before in my holidays.
MacBack123 (1 month ago)
Edit: I just now realized the max time of a vid is 15 minutes, maybe upload the songs individually?
MacBack123 (1 month ago)
I would say this video would fit on here:
ReuploadsFromYT (1 month ago)
@SomethingRandom98 yes absolutely
SomethingRandom98 (1 month ago)
can we request videos on here?
ReuploadsFromYT (1 month ago)
I have redesigned my page for the new layout
ReuploadsFromYT (1 month ago)
@tommy430 Thank You
Tommy430 (1 month ago)
welcome back

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