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From: BearBrosProductions
Date: December 08, 2021, 03:49 AM
Subject: Roblox Bloopers Episode 1 taking a while to upload.
Hello everyone,

If you must know, Roblox Bloopers Episode 1 was suppose to have been released today, but is probably gonna take longer to be converted as it is 16 minute video.

And I've tried putting it through the uploader twice and both times it's been taking a while, so if you end up seeing two uploads of the same episode, then just watch the first upload. I'll remove the second one later on.

- Midi/Pete (BearBrosProductions)
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BearBrosProductions | December 08, 2021
P.S. There's a chance that I'll have to go back and edit the episode into two parts if it doesn't upload.

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