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Hello!! I'm Taigen, I'm an anime fangirl and artist. I have a ton of OCs and a TON of (very similar)interests! I mainly upload anime related content but I would love to make more animations because I am very passionate about my characters!

ALSO ON TUMBLR! lightyagamigaming28 !!!

Characters in my art are my OCs unless said otherwise ^^

I mainly upload what I want, but if you have a favorite anime song that you would like me to upload please feel free to let me know!
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Interests and Hobbies: Watching anime/Daydreaming/Making OCs/Drawing/Playing Otome games (really any game that appeals to me)/Crushing on Zoro!
Movies and Shows: Devilman/Fruits Basket/Free!/The Wallflower/Hetalia/Doukuusei/Black Butler/One Piece
Music: I'm not sure ~_~
Books: OHSHC/Jigokuraku/Brutal/Veil/Uramichi Oniisan/Do Fanfics and VNs count??
Status: Taken
Website: https://lightyagamigaming28.tumblr.com/
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Dis mai new oc his name ish socks! I hope yew liek dis :333 All art bai meh! 
HES MINE (3 months ago)
roronoa zoro is mine! i will not be uploading his character song because only I can...  more
Taigen commented on Hetalia Axis Powers EP 15 (English Dub!) (3 months ago)
"has anybody ever tried escargot? i never have, but i have a pet snail and they are ..."  more
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