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Hello everyone, I am the official TheVideoGamer64 and decided to come back to BitView. On this channel, I will be adding my
older videos on here and my new videos coming up on my
channel in the future, Enjoy the videos and KEEP ON GAMING!! :)
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Hobbies: Collecting Video Games, Music, and Movies
Favorite Movies & Shows: Scarface, The Godfather 1 &2, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, And Countless Amount Of Other Ones
Favorite Music: The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Bee Gees, anything old
Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz8_tq9D6fjBSZ-7VagvdAA
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Pokemon Sword Random Gameplay Part 3: Zigzagoon Evolves Into Linoone
Added: 1 week ago
Views: 10
Pokemon Sword Random Gameplay Part 2: Scorbunny Evolves Into Raboot
Added: 1 month ago
Views: 17
My Pokemon Sword Random Gameplay Part 1: Picking My Pokemon
Added: 1 month ago
Views: 18
My Gaming Finds At The Flea Market In July Of 2021
Added: 1 month ago
Views: 33
11 Games That I Add To My Gaming Collection Recently
Added: 2 months ago
Views: 17
Sega Dreamcast Stuff & A PS1 Game That I Got Recently
Added: 2 months ago
Views: 45
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speakerpro2yt | September 23, 2021
WereWolf | September 18, 2021
I am Well, how are you?
Nikojas5nd | September 09, 2021
AlJoCa | September 04, 2021
Now you have 100 subs
Lawborn | August 06, 2021
Haven't played any games lately. Been focusing on content creation.
jloquendero | August 05, 2021
Lawborn | August 05, 2021
Never mind. Found it
Lawborn | August 05, 2021
Does Cazzy have a channel over here?
Lawborn | August 04, 2021
I'm doing pretty good. Just dropping by.
Crash750 | July 12, 2021
Not speek inglis :(

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