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Hello everyone, I am the official TheVideoGamer64 and decided to come back to BitView. On this channel, I will be adding my
older videos on here and my new videos coming up on my
channel in the future, Enjoy the videos and KEEP ON GAMING!! :)
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Hobbies: Collecting Video Games, Music, and Movies
Favorite Movies & Shows: Scarface, The Godfather 1 &2, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, And Countless Amount Of Other Ones
Favorite Music: The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Bee Gees, anything old
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Lawborn | January 17, 2021
I'm doing great. Due to all of the censorship I've encountered I have decided to diversify across the internet.
Lawborn | January 15, 2021
Wow. I forgot about this place.
TheVideoGamerReturns | January 01, 2021
Happy New Year's Day everyone! :)
drkostreamsclips | December 29, 2020
i am working on a project to archive old game commercials on bitview. since you are a retro gamer i though you would be a good person to ask for archive requests.
guido | December 28, 2020
hey dude it’s me the pit stop dude from cars i like ferrari
p0pt4rtk1d | December 27, 2020
Yeah, I did have a really good Christmas! Bonding with family is key to happiness! Anyway, did you have a really good Christmas this year?
p0pt4rtk1d | December 27, 2020
I'm doing great! How about you? :)
Lightstorm1991 | December 24, 2020
My South Park favorite character is Eric Cartman. He always has funny sayings
Lightstorm1991 | December 18, 2020
I very rarely watch movies. For TV shows, I tend to watch SpongeBob, American Dad, Bob's Burgers, South Park
TheVideoGamerReturns | December 14, 2020
My movie scored that I did between December 1st, - December 13th, has been added on here. Enjoy everyone! :)

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