if its a depot gotta bite it
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There is nothing interesting about me, what do ya wanna know

i'm just a girl that enjoys doing stupid vidz. hope u enjoy it


also im a moderator of bitview. also im am have stupid. also also.
Gender: Female
Country: Poland
Hobbies: Is doing absolutely nothing productive in my life a hobby?
Favorite Music: future funk, alternative pop, synthpop, vaportrap etc. also glitchcore and happy hardcore too lately
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sm64 - womps forters 100 coinz star.wmv
Added: 1 week ago
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penguin push
penguin push
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funny joke ep 1
Added: 3 months ago
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new bitview player bug on firefox
Added: 6 months ago
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this is a banana
Added: 6 months ago
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how to draw a circle in ms paintt
Added: 6 months ago
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bitview-dl v2.0: Video Downloader Tool for BitView [DOWNLOAD LINK IN DESCRIPTION]
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Cats in my area
Added: 4 weeks ago
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On Small Website Edgelords
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VidLii in a Nutshell
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Real life Tactical Game Boy Color Reload
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polish windows live messenger signing in icon loop_0001.wmv
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enterwebs | April 03, 2021
enterwebs | March 31, 2021
hi XdOut!! look at me!!
PASTE | December 27, 2020
Good ending

Encontré el canal aculto de EvilSlim
TheVideoGamerReturns | December 02, 2020
I'm glad you're doing better, same here.
TheVideoGamerReturns | December 01, 2020
Awesome, glad I'm not the only one that Scarface is their favorite movie! :) How you been?
joellmadrid | October 20, 2020
the progress bar color thing, read more here: http://www.bitview.net/profile.php?user=joellmadrid&page=bulletin&id=8983
XdOut | October 20, 2020
@joellmadrid which feature? sry i dont remember
joellmadrid | October 16, 2020
will the feature i asked for be in BitView
not trying to sound annoying or anything
mac | October 09, 2020
what's up bro?! :D
XdOut | September 27, 2020
nah man, im a moderator on this site too

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