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retarded content creator lol
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Dillay96 | December 20, 2021
Gemm, si quieres tener featured podrias hacer un buen video como por ejemplo videos con el Loquendo
gemm | December 13, 2021
rip 50+ vids
TorutheRedFox | November 13, 2021
yeah I am that person lol
EletrikKitten | November 07, 2021
thank you for the comment, im guessing you saw the undertale video, i tried to make it the most edited video using movie maker lmao
TheVideoGamerReturns | November 05, 2021
Thanks. I hope the Sega Game Gear system will work, if it doesn't, I will try to work on it to get it to work! :)
TheVideoGamerReturns | November 04, 2021
That's good my friend . Same here! Just getting home. I'm planning on getting the Sega Game Gear VERY SOONNNNNNN! :) So excited to finally to be able to add to my entire gaming collection! :)
TheVideoGamerReturns | November 04, 2021
Awesome channel you have here. I hope your day is going good. How are you?
Crystalblaze | October 31, 2021
pasa el pack elfo :v
sks2002 | August 24, 2021
I heard some drum and bass. I grew up where D&B and Jungle was big so it's I would say yes.
sks2002 | August 11, 2021
I love Back 2 Skool, The Heat (The Energy) and Spitfire. Also I wrote a rework of the original tape version of Charly. I think you might like it.

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