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Hey Guys Welcome to GeorgerTube,There Random Videos here Also there some cool videos Wii trailers,Animations,etc
my videos from the Rede Minja and Some Video are inspiration to the channel BOLOMONO1020MOLODU and Igorcbarros,please don’t swear at me
Gender: Male
Country: Brazil
Favorite Books: Turma da Mônica
Favorite Movies & Shows: Turma da Mônica, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi,Etc
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Sega Tapes
Sega Tapes
Added: 5 days ago
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How do you get featured on YouTube?
Added: 6 days ago
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My Pants
My Pants
Added: 2 weeks ago
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Stop Motion Test
Added: 2 weeks ago
Views: 17
Android Demo
Android Demo
Added: 3 weeks ago
Views: 15
Added: 3 weeks ago
Views: 11
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Added: 1 day ago
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Mojo Jojo - Everybody wants to rule the world
Added: 4 months ago
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Gorillaz: The Eel
Added: 4 days ago
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Cars the game
Added: 1 week ago
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YouTube 2005 player Demo
Added: 1 week ago
Views: 71
BitView For Nintendo DS
Added: 1 week ago
Views: 70
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Channel Comments (14)
joellmadrid | October 08, 2020
home star runner
SuperiorXLZ | September 21, 2020
I really like Puffy AmiYumi :D
sniped64 | September 14, 2020
sorry but your channel is a fucking eye killer.... please change your layout it's like fucking impossible to read the text in this crappy channel... sorry just having to vent here because design you know? --Sniped64
andrewcoolguy | August 08, 2020
its the bit view
yoelhgo2008alt2 | March 08, 2020
Hello, georgertube!
Ballimatic | February 11, 2020
DUDE stop promoting your channel and uploading gummy bear videos on different accounts! I bet you a 6 yaer old on bitview thinking everyone likes gummybear videos! You know thats considerd SPAM on this site! No one likes gummybear music!
alegatamag | February 02, 2020
the video is still
alegatamag | February 02, 2020
hey georgertube! i uploaded an new video! can you please like it?
dr0pheavy | November 08, 2019
i am fortnite
BlueKirbyAtarVL | November 06, 2019
John12 banned rip vidlii quit

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