why you know lol!
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what's popping, friends.

i do alot of gaming videos

i like playing roblox

very good videos to come out

i liek ur mum lol

i invented the whip and nae nae and floss,

I own a gamecube and the PS2!
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Hobbies: Skateboarding with the boys, drinking cola, playing roblox, eating pizza, being funny and gameing
Favorite Books: don't know lol!
Favorite Movies & Shows: Shark Tale, A Serbian Film, Kevin Spencer and FilthyFrank
Favorite Music: Mother 3 OST, Earthbound OST, Video game mashups, meme rap,
Status: Single
Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpM6y1_VOdDt1erjpblhtnQ
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hotguy126 | January 14, 2021
bitview moment!
hotguy126 | January 13, 2021
this is awesome!
Disasterocks | November 12, 2020
drown in my victory royals

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