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shit your pants
Dumb 14 year old doing dumb shit for his dumb time.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Country: Canada
Hobbies: Causing drama- i mean making videos!
Favorite Books: Anything that isnt twilight lol
Favorite Movies & Shows: Eddsworld, Onigai My Melody, Spongebob, Kevin Spencer, The Boondooks, The Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy
Favorite Music: LP, SOAD, RATM, My name, Papa Roach, AC-DC, Metallica, Blink-182, MF DOOM, Tally Hall, Rammenstein, SlipKnot, Dragonforce, Korn
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Added: 21 hours ago
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Rhodum in a nutshell
Added: 1 day ago
Views: 29
LEAKED! Spongebob goes on a racial slur rampage!
Added: 1 day ago
Views: 36
the best premiere pro video ever.
Added: 1 day ago
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Sonic The Stripper
Added: 2 days ago
Views: 31
Robotnik's Crack Culmination
Added: 2 days ago
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(REUPLOAD) Mario in Kirby Right Back at Ya (fake)
Added: 1 year ago
Views: 47
The hardest boss in existence - Waddle Dee
Added: 5 days ago
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The DS Family
Added: 6 days ago
Views: 12
objecgt gaming! episode 1
Added: 6 days ago
Views: 22
bitview-dl v1.0: BitView Download Tool [DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION]
Added: 6 days ago
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Super Smash Bros 64 Kirby Hat and Power Ness
Added: 6 months ago
Views: 29
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jerd | April 20, 2021
Pad | April 20, 2021
gam3r900 | April 18, 2021
killer199 | April 17, 2021
potatoe | April 17, 2021
Hey Yo, You Do Realize That You Upload The Videos. That's It. i'm going to Banned You From BtiView Forever.
apoyorm2996 | April 16, 2021
killer199 | April 16, 2021
well i may be on bitview but im trying to stay away from the community on discord
killer199 | April 16, 2021
i feel like i should leave the oyc honestly
Alpine | April 14, 2021
i dropped Moskau from Rammstein on my channel idk you can check it out
GoombaGuy4000 | April 10, 2021
ngl i'm doin good i'm just chillin and all that but shits been boring

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