killer199 | January 27, 2021
v this guy rapes children, stay away from him
PF94onBitView | January 27, 2021
the pedo joke is getting stale. someone fucking pinged everyone on bitview to do the "haha Chaziz is A Child Fucker 94" joke for the 578th time.
hotguy126 | January 19, 2021
bitview canoon
chimpgaming007 | January 19, 2021
spaghetti cannon
killer199 | January 17, 2021
v look at the comment dates moron.
NoMax | January 17, 2021
shut up about p207
killer199 | January 15, 2021
oh and just a little backstory, bmf hurted some transgender persons feelings on a alt in the ft server and then cheif confronting him leading bmf to say some pedo false allegations.

you people just dont listen :l
killer199 | January 14, 2021
@p207 your friends basically have no proof of being a pedo, and if there is. well its just us fucking around with ethernet and bmf
Punchy207 | January 14, 2021
frankly i think killer is jealous that i have friends that arent pedophiles like his
killer199 | January 14, 2021
v hey its paris! hes sucking p207 off.
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