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Welcome to my channel, videos I find on the internet will be posted here. Hope you will like them.
My website:
I'm not good at English, I use google translator.
Age: 13
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Country: Poland
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PiS da każdemu
Added: 7 hours ago
Views: 2
Testujemy 14-letni komputer z systemem Windows XP
Added: 2 days ago
Views: 9
Gracjan Roztocki - Fakty 2 (fragment)
Added: 2 days ago
Views: 17
who dies dies and we don't care
Added: 4 days ago
Views: 6
Mateusz morawiecki - no sorry
Added: 4 days ago
Views: 8
Poland trailer
Added: 4 days ago
Views: 9
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Cursed World of Polish Cow
Added: 2 months ago
Views: 36
The Bitview Song!!!
Added: 3 days ago
Views: 74
Teen creates bomb from YouTube website
Added: 1 year ago
Views: 163
windows xp
windows xp
Added: 1 month ago
Views: 43
podkład faktów
Added: 6 months ago
Views: 15
Każdy ziom zbiera złom
Added: 7 months ago
Views: 20
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