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I make websites and YTPMVs.
Country: United States
Hobbies: Watching YouTube and Bitview, looking at stuff on eBay, playing SRB2 and Minecraft
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marioandluigifan2009 | April 07, 2021
The uploader in bitview is giving me problems. I will make a video once i get it to work
Jumpman653 | April 05, 2021
make a mario video
marioandluigifan2009 | April 04, 2021
Sorry I was gone. I was working on a project. Anyways, I finally finished SRB2 and now I will have to find another game to play.
marioandluigifan2009 | January 31, 2021
I got a better PC on my Birthday weeks ago. Now I can make gaming videos.
Intel Pentium Dual-Core (Not Pentium D)
PNY Nvidia GT 730
12 GB Ram (Windows XP only recognizes 4 GB)
marioandluigifan2009 | November 15, 2020
Just got a new xbox 360
marioandluigifan2009 | November 14, 2020
I finally found out how to upload .3g2 from my phone by renaming it to .mp4
marioandluigifan2009 | November 12, 2020
Oh, It's cool. Going to make content once my Phone Charges
TheVideoGamerReturns | November 12, 2020
Cool channel. How is your day going? :)

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