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i play tf2, half life, gmod my favorite yters are gunslingerpro2009,badwatervideos2009, and many more gmod/tf2 content creators, they have also inspired me to play and post gmod stuff. I have moved to subrocks as of typing this. Expect no more content.
Hobbies: playing video games and reading books (of course not on camera)
Favorite Music: Half Life music (OST)
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Fortress Forever (Team Fortress: Classic but in Source)
Added: 3 weeks ago
Views: 14
i used the 2 gb uploader for this lol
Added: 3 weeks ago
Views: 32
first edited gmod vid
Added: 4 weeks ago
Views: 17
gmod 9 random stuff
Added: 4 weeks ago
Views: 12
gmod shadow man (real almost died no clickbait)
Added: 1 month ago
Views: 15
gmod multiplayer
Added: 1 month ago
Views: 14
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