hello, vistafan12 here!
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I'm a BitView Developer. If you have any problems with site, please contact me.
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Responding to the NoMax's video
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thatdudeishere06 | September 27, 2020
Could you fix BitView, The parts and the host server are broken when I open the site also It's forbidden so please fix the site thank you :)
EnzoTheGreatWare | September 26, 2020
paris201 | September 26, 2020
Someone is doing weirdass exploits on BitView
NoMax | September 26, 2020
thanks for the quick response vista to my video! it was very urgent! also i checked webMD and it says i have cancer too! oh noes!!!!
EnzoTheGreatWare | September 26, 2020
why are there videos with weird coding shit as titles, can you do something about it?
vistafan12 | September 25, 2020
EnzoTheGreatWare | September 24, 2020
thatdudeishere06 | September 24, 2020
The watch video page is not working, When I click on every video i'm going to watch It is not working so please fix this problem, Thank you!
NoMax | September 24, 2020
the fact you answer all the questions we have is proof of dedication... even more than youtube itself...
gltr02 | September 24, 2020
when is the site getting an email/password changer? i want to change my email but i don't seem to find the option

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