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Max Payne GBA Gameplay Chapter 9: Deep Six
Max Payne GBA Gameplay Chapter 8: Cold Steel
Max Payne GBA Gameplay Chapter 7: Angel Of Death
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August 19, 2023
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Salutations, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the official BitView channel of JoshAndStitchBV.

On this channel, you can watch the critically-acclaimed* webseries Roblox Misadventures, gaming videos, top ten lists, funny moments, and more! My favorite video game franchises are Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, Tony Hawk Skateboarding, Skate, and Roblox.

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*Not official status.

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I'm gonna start uploading Christmassy videos now. I hope everyone had a good Thank...  more
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"Great video, what a great Christmas present for us." 
JoshAndStitchBV commented on VHS Tapes & 9 Games That I Got Recently (6 days ago)
"Great video, great finds. I started my GBA collection over a year ago, some games i..."  more
JoshAndStitchBV rated a video: (6 days ago)
#AmazingSpiderManTapes #VHSTapes #PlayStation5 #PlayStation4 Hey everyone, in this...  more
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Channel Comments (59)
white7 (6 days ago)
TheVideoGamerReturns (6 days ago)
Hey, a new video of mine is about to be released buddy!
Cazzy (6 days ago)
Thank you! :D
Northpark (1 week ago)
Hey! I made that animation you wanted me to animate (on my video ideas video) go check it out!
JoshAndStitchBV (1 week ago)
Best possible goals for Thanksgiving:
1. Cook turkey and stuffing
2. Gain 60 pounds in a week
3. Lose weight by eating Pop-Tarts
One man tried it before, only it didn't turn out so well...
TheVideoGamerReturns (1 week ago)
Thanks pal. Happy Thanksgiving to you too and that is so cool! :)
thecoolman54 (1 week ago)
white7 (1 week ago)
As for bluray i dont need it. 25gb.. it cost a bit much.. just better quality high res. that all
dvd is 640x 480..
white7 (1 week ago)
its nice i burn cd for music and dvd for movies..
cd is 700mb
dvd is 4.7gb
its good stuff. i use it a lot these day superior to flash drive, sd card. hdd. it great for data too..
but most today dont like to do that... inconvenient. they do that is easy streaming video.
white7 (1 week ago)
Not much chatting with a friend using
ask me anything . i love to talk for fun.
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