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A very EXPLOSIVE situation!!
A CHAOTIC tour of "Pirate-Ville" by theboss101!
Touring an EPIC Community Construction Save!
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November 20, 2023
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9 hours ago
Hello! I am an ordinary ROBLOX player that just likes recording and uploading videos to see others be happy! Please do not be mean in any comment section of my channel! This means my channel comments too! :D
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KewlGamer2007 (1 week ago)
Stylized the intro more in the latest video!!! Is it good? or should i revert back to the plain text? :D
KewlGamer2007 (1 week ago)
Legitimately do not know what to upload LOL
KewlGamer2007 (2 weeks ago)
Forgot to say this but please give me feedback! I'm trying to make the best content I can make! :D
KewlGamer2007 (2 weeks ago)
Hi there!!!!!!!