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My Call Of Duty World War 2 Random Gameplay Part 1
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Welcome To The World Of Gaming
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November 10, 2020
About Me:
Hello everyone, I am the official TheVideoGamer64 and decided to come back to BitView. On this channel, I will be adding my
older videos on here and my new videos coming up on my
channel in the future, Enjoy the videos and KEEP ON GAMING!! :)

Additional Note: I am NOT on VidLii. I Will Never Join That Website Again! The people pretending to be me on Vidlii are impersonators!
United States
Collecting Video Games, Music, & Movies, Especially Video Games
Scarface, The Godfather 1 &2, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, And Countless Amount Of Other Ones
The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Bee Gees, anything old
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Welcome To My Channel!
On this channel I mainly focus on gaming, but I also show videos of music related finds that I get, Comic Books, Movies, Vintage Toys, and more! If anyone likes video games, comic books, movies, old stuff, and even new stuff, then this channel is the channel you'll enjoy watching and to subscribe to. I have been adding my older videos and newer videos on here.

Note: I am proud to say that I am NOT on VidLii. If anyone sees a channel similar to mine, it is NOT me. It's Impersonators.

I hope y'all will enjoy this BitView channel of mine, if you have, feel free to subscribe to me on this channel to see my newer videos and older videos on here! Enjoy everyone and remember to keep on gaming and most of all, keep being yourself. Have a wonderful day or whenever y'all read this. Have a good time viewing my older and newer content that is strictly mine!! :)
Channel Comments (470)
Lydia (4 hours ago)
Hey there! Thanks so much for the well wishes! I'm doing pretty well, just taking it one day at a time. How about you? How's your day been so far? :D
TailsyMoxFox (2 days ago)
Master1 (3 days ago)
Thank you for friending me!! =O
Lydia (4 days ago)
also, i wanted to wish you a happy early birthday! i hope you have a fantastic day filled with joy, laughter, and maybe even a few surprises. wishing you all the best as you celebrate another trip around the sun! 😊
Lydia (4 days ago)
no problem ^^ my day was good, thanks for asking! just currently busy, but trying my best to stay active on the internet as well. it helps to distract from some of the issues i have going on in real life. how about you? how's everything going on your end?
TheVideoGamerReturns (4 days ago)
Hey everyone, I made a video today, but will try to add it on here tomorrow on my birthday. Stay tuned in everyone! :)
Lydia (5 days ago)
ah, that's awesome to hear you're doing well! playing video games sounds like a blast, especially diving into some retro classics. there's just something special about the nostalgia and simplicity of those old-school games, right? your channel does a fantastic job of highlighting the magic of retro gaming and bringing back those cherished memories. keep up the great work! ^^
Lydia (6 days ago)
thank you so much! i'm glad that you saw and appreciated being in my channel box! my day's going great, especially after hearing your kind words. how about yours? anything exciting happening today? 😄
astroheead2001 (1 week ago)
it is pizza time
SinopBecker (1 week ago)
im so sorry i lose friends, someone tells me that im underage but i aint, im 13 i dont wanna lose this job
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