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AGK Episode 9: Angry German Kid's dad returns
Obey weegee
Turner 1987 Logo Remake
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September 21, 2023
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52 minutes ago
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I'm back everybody! I moved here on August 19, 2023 after LiiVid shut down, and I like watching movies, TV shows, playing video games, and making videos and that's about it.
United States
Making/watching videos, playing video games, watching movies or watching a TV series
Making/watching videos, playing video games
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Channel Comments (12)
TheVideoGamer64 (3 weeks ago)
TheVideoGamerReturns (3 weeks ago)
Hey what's up?
VideoGuy826Returns (1 month ago)
I'm fine, thanks for asking!
TheVideoGamerReturns (1 month ago)
Yep. How are you/
JoshAndStitchBV (1 month ago)
It's going good. The Halloween special of my series is out if you want to see it:
TheVideoGamerReturns (1 month ago)
Cool , my new video is uploaded too if you want to watch it.
Yourgonnabedead22456 (2 months ago)
Cazzy (2 months ago)
Oh wow, I see the troll channel is back.... >.< I did report it & it got taken down, but strange how it's back & your channel got banned instead. I think the mods may have made a mistake there, haha. xD
Cazzy (2 months ago)
Ahh strange. ;-; I don't think you did anything wrong, but there was a troll hate channel of you I reported to the staff to take down, but I was confused by you got suspended on your account, strange. Maybe chat to the mods about it. I promise you didn't report you just the hate account, haha.
JoshAndStitchBV (2 months ago)
That sucks :( At least you're still here! Good luck getting the Cinema Sins video on here!
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