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ABC! Marketin radiomainos (Juuso Bordi) (PAREMPI LAATU)
ABC:n radiomainos (Juuso Bordi) (PAREMPI LAATU)
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Mario vs. Luigi -kohokohdat (ja sekoilut)
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June 23, 2023
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Backup channel. No regular uploads to come.

Varakanava. Ei säännöllistä sisältöä luvassa.

Ylläoleva väite ei ehkä pidä paikkansa, nyt kun katsoo vähän, mitä on tullut ladattua. Täältä minut kuitenkin tavoittaa parhaiten oikean elämän ulkopuolella. Ja nyt kun tähän on jo tullut tutuksi, voin herkeämättä todeta seuraavan:

BitView on parhain! | BitView is the best!
About Me:
I’m just a guy from Finland who rarely interacts with anyone.

I used to be lurking very actively on the internet, but now, studying in a university and though I’m hardly busy at all, I’ve become quite lazy and apathetic from living in a city (though I haven’t seen my fellow students have much more enthusiasm). Thank God for holidays!

(Additionally, I’ve got to see the worst of humanity during my studies due to the roommate I lived with through most of it (a bit over two years). He left last summer, and it was the greatest victory I’ve ever felt.)

As someone who only really lurks online, I originally made this channel just for ”extra footage” after I got a capture card. I never even thought I’d upload more than seven or so videos.

In any case, I’m still a firm believer of the Internet’s rule 33. For digital surveillance reasons, I strongly oppose joining YouTube, even though that’s where most of the good stuff is.

The Internet's
╦═╗╦┘╦╦┘┘╦═╗ ╔═╗╔═╗
╠╦╝║┘║║┘┘╠╣┘ ┘═╣┘═╣
╩╚╝╚═╝╚═╝╩═╝ ╚═╝╚═╝
Lurk more — it's never enough.
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loreca Looks like I won’t be able to use the old theme or see my old bulletins anymore. But whatever, I’ll just keep it this way. (1 week ago)
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"Awesome video!" 
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Samasta koosteesta kuin edellinen parempilaatuinen. Alun ääni ei luultavimmin kuu...  more
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Tämä pätkä olisi löytynyt jo eräästä aiemmastakin Bordin videosta paremmall...  more
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loreca (1 month ago)
Juuso Bordin SuomiPOP-koosteet paranevat koko ajan! Tämäkin tuore sekoitus koostuu pääasiassa vanhoissa koosteissaan kuulluista palasista, nyt vain selkeästi koherentimpana:
loreca (2 months ago)
Have you ever had a dream of literally being a god of your own Miis on the Mii Channel? Like, being able to also make decisions about their fate, including remission of their sins (them having arguments in addition to their conversations)? It’s not a new concept at all, but I just thought it was an interesting dream.
loreca (2 months ago)
Taas uusi hyvä video Juuso Bordilta:
Nostalgia-TV arvostanee.
loreca (3 months ago)
Ihan vain tutuille tiedoksi: ”Kämppis-saaga” on nyt eilen tullut viimein päätökseensä! Kerron siitä ehkä joskus vielä myöhemmin lisää.
loreca (3 months ago)
The most mesmerizing video I’ve seen in a long time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnAQQEHtoW0
loreca (4 months ago)
And I would never want to sign up on YouTube, knowing how much segregative measures YouTube has purposely put between the creators and the audience. It’s even the same thing that seems to happen with every new ”YouTube alternative”, particularly WeVidi and LiiVid: the makers, and even some of the commenters, think they’re so above everyone else for being part of their own community. This is exactly why I chose BitView, the people here are pretty down-to-earth.
loreca (4 months ago)
At this moment, I’ve so far only uploaded stuff from YouTube, which is pretty much what everyone does on this website. But that was never my intention with this channel! The videos are only an illusion of regular online presence. All of them are just relics from the past. If I could, I would only comment on videos, make music playlists, and converse with my favourite video makers, but I’m not on YouTube where most of that stuff is. But that’s not to say I don’t have any videos of my own.