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Welcome to Tech Redux! The brand new series where we look back at old tech and see if it can replace ne...
Added: Jul 13, 2018
From: JayPlays
Views: 294
I tried to connect to internet, but my router is crap
Added: Oct 25, 2020
From: KarikM
Views: 125
---REUPLOADED--- We get a hold of a perfectly working Apple iMac and smash the hell out of it. The...
Added: Sep 23, 2020
From: mac
Views: 79
First PC
Added: Oct 24, 2020
From: KarikM
Views: 64
---REUPLOADED--- We get a hold of a working vintage Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and...
Added: Sep 28, 2020
From: mac
Views: 47
---REUPLOADED--- We get an Apple iBook, throw it off a shed, start beatin' it with tools and and a...
Added: Sep 22, 2020
From: mac
Views: 47
This is an old video from 2011 of what I got for Christmas. I weren't trying to brag in any way. Son...
Added: Dec 03, 2020
From: CazOSX
Views: 46
Please Join the Group if you want your Flash player reinstated on Bitview https://www.bitview.net/g...
Added: Jan 01, 2021
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