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8 Eyes Glitchy Floors
5 years ago 15 views RogerLugia
In this episode of GTA III Bugs i will explain how to do taxi side-missions in example: Banshee, Infernus
1 year ago 51 views Telekik1
welcome everyone to the wonderful and crazy world of thrillville where flying trains, cars and rockets are completly normal! so sin...
1 year ago 250 views Disko
This video shows two glitches within GTA 3. edit:OH MAH GAWD THANKS FOR 100 VIEWS HOLY FUCK!!!!!
5 years ago 406 views doinyourmom4
In this episode of GTA III Bugs i will explain how to get the ghost car.
1 year ago 67 views Telekik1
before you asked. no the "music" (aka Fearful Harmony) was not there then this glitch occur, i just edited in because me ...
4 months ago 59 views Zaiaz
No Description...
2 years ago 122 views francinesmashes91
this stuck at loading
2 years ago 111 views OTG
Please tell me?
5 years ago 80 views Bugnotnotthegreat
I found this on the Wayback Machine one day. With this one found, there are now about 3 out of over 800 (about 0.3%) original Tomat...
4 months ago 80 views loreca
i was playing roblox and this happened. i tried to rejoin but then it got worse.
2 years ago 71 views nat
I got flung off a vehicle seat after resizing the chassis and my avatar glitched
1 year ago 71 views yeahboi711
eh aqui el error que les mensione en la primera parte.
2 years ago 59 views ElSrGeorge
(not patched) XDDDDDD troll your friends with this!!!
2 years ago 63 views OTG
whoa... is my world corrupted or something? it appears my house is floating
9 months ago 65 views familyguyfan420
I was playing on my server and a graphical glitch happened!
4 years ago 58 views Maple
This is a glitch when I was doing a speedrun of Firey candy bar adventure it got stuck (please help)
3 years ago 55 views Trashmations
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