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6gb ram (5gb usable because gpu take some) intel hd 1st gen (integrated 128mb vram) pentium P6100 2.00ghz hdd wd 320gb
6 years ago 651 views Hawkeye183
4 visitas y hago parte 4 gente gracias por el apoyo!
3 years ago 42 views PichelaStudios07
3 visitas mas y hago parte 3 de esta serie cabros suscribanse pronto la pelicula en 3d.
3 years ago 39 views PichelaStudios07
The nerd tackles the mortal enemy of expert Linux users: systemd, the init system designed by Lennart Poettering. Presented in fai...
10 months ago 564 views Denshi
No Description...
1 year ago 541 views MrArtur1337
BGM: Elwood - Sick On Monday
5 years ago 207 views ides
fuck windows, Linux is better Social Media: https://twitter.com/smirky34953200 https://www.bitchute.com/channel/1LD0r4koaici/ h...
2 years ago 164 views SmirkyPrawn
hey guyse today we will install ubnutu from winow x p on my computer, this work 100% in 2009 I checked in adn you can ase ein the v...
10 months ago 129 views Denshi
Red Hat Linux 6.2, Code name: Zoot, Released: 3 April 2000. A simple presentation of first distribution (my first version was RHL 5...
5 years ago 222 views piteusz
This is an old video that I made back in early-2022, So old in fact that I lost the original video and I had to download the video ...
no rating 6 months ago 50 views odyssey
Linus tech tips goes crazy over Suse linux a little too much
3 years ago 136 views Tanner9078
The nerd takes us on yet another anger-fueled adventure.
10 months ago 60 views Denshi
an awful attempt to make a tutorial on how to edit videos on linux.
no rating 3 years ago 57 views icanttellyou
This is the last episode of the "Angry Linux Nerd" trilogy.
no rating 10 months ago 51 views Denshi
OS: Manjaro Linux Game: Urban Terror Song: Space and Time - 009 Sound System Dreamscape
2 years ago 45 views yohern197
Spent like the whole day doing this and I really like how it turned out.
3 months ago 43 views h0lidayg1rl1225
3 years ago 40 views Cortometrajes
fecha de subida: 5, octubre, 2008, hora 4:10 usuario original: ArGxMAXI descripción original: Hola amigos, este es mi loquen...
no rating 4 months ago 19 views loquenderonostalgico
This is my first video on this site! Also, yes, I know this video is more or less me just using FL Studio 8, but I don't care.
no rating 4 months ago 19 views ElijahRulz
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