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This is a picture of the Possible new Lukas Zone design that will be available to test this month and may be the permanent design s...
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Fun fact: This error message was made on windows 2000 as a visual basic script. Error design belongs to Microsoft.
3 months ago 50 views lukas7832
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit) Music: Bridge Zone + Credit to DeoxysPrime for the original video. + This was originally uplo...
1 year ago 161 views ReuploadedXD
After 12 days, Lukas Zone social has officially been finished. Link: https://www.lukaszonesocial.yooco.org
8 months ago 67 views lukas7832
Not really meant to be a full video. Just seeing how many people would not fall for the gimmick.
1 week ago 228 views lukas7832
Experimented with adding way too many snowflakes and this happened.
no rating 2 months ago 28 views lukas7832
A simple animation test starring me and Bob (I always name someone bob when i cant come up with anything else). This is for Lukas Z...
6 months ago 99 views lukas7832
Want your video to get popular? Want to access a mystery Lukas Zone feature? Than join the Lukas Zone Video Contest! No approval ...
6 days ago 85 views lukas7832
Because I don't care if my website gets leaked, I made a recording showing the earliest stages of Lukas Zone 1.5. sorry if I scared...
5 months ago 82 views lukas7832
After a whole month of delay, I have finished Lukas Zone 2.1! Enjoy new pages such as Test Results, Software review, and more!
1 week ago 69 views lukas7832
This video shows new contact information that anyone can use to contact me. There is a strange bug on VideoPad where uploading as a...
no rating 6 months ago 76 views lukas7832
I'm really bored if you can't tell
2 years ago 190 views TorutheRedFox
[All audio is from the YouTube Audio Library] Sorry about all of the rendering bugs, VideoPad sucks. ----------------------------...
2 weeks ago 152 views lukas7832
Sonic the Hedgehog "Green Hill Zone" in Nokia 30 soundfonts
1 year ago 170 views jan11
This is the audio for Lukas Zone when it is down which is made for visually impaired people, blind people, and just people who want...
no rating 6 months ago 52 views lukas7832
Error design belongs to Microsoft.
no rating 3 months ago 52 views lukas7832
I'm starting to get used to Beepbox allthough I haven't used it in almost 2 months. Dont judge me on my art and the name though, I'...
2 months ago 38 views lukas7832
I made a YTPMV out of my own source using the A-Side of YTPMV version of Red Zone.
9 months ago 163 views RBVStudios
All audio is royalty free. I have reached 30 subscribers and I need ideas on what to make. Make sure its good and doesn't break ...
no rating 2 months ago 26 views lukas7832
The second trailer I made for GoodBlox.
5 years ago 136 views OldBloxianFan08
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