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6gb ram (5gb usable because gpu take some) intel hd 1st gen (integrated 128mb vram) pentium P6100 2.00ghz hdd wd 320gb
6 years ago 651 views Hawkeye183
1-Open Configurations Menu 2-Enter in Appearance 3-Go to Behavior 4-Select "Enable Workspaces" 5-Done!
5 months ago 60 views SooKyup
In this video, we'll install and take a look at the first PowerPC release of Ubuntu! (Throughout the video, I say it is v5.10...It'...
1 week ago 290 views SJL
This is a sample video from Ubuntu 8.04. This sample video was found on the Examples folder on the desktop. It included some oth...
4 months ago 31 views odyssey
Look at my fancy beryl config Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC5uEe5OzNQ
3 years ago 372 views piteusz
sudo apt-get install sl sl
5 months ago 62 views SooKyup
In this video, I'll be checking out the first release of the Linux distribution, Ubuntu 4.10. If you enjoyed this video, please con...
6 months ago 90 views SJL
HAPPY SPOOKY SEASON! ^~^ I made this in 2015 or so, enjoy! -- Song Used: Windows Remix I don't own the song used. All rights g...
4 months ago 71 views Cazzy
fecha de subida: 9, noviembre, 2009, hora 4:11 usuario original: Deferch descripción original: Acá les traigo la reacción ...
7 months ago 39 views loquenderonostalgico
No Description...
no rating 2 years ago 19 views Dimpo
In this episode I set up the usb stick.
no rating 3 years ago 46 views Giraffe1008
Just getting in the 2008 mood with an almost perfect recreation of the Ubuntu 8.04 desktop using the MATE desktop environment on Li...
2 years ago 135 views AlexyBot
Didn't re-upload this from my YouTube channel bc I completely forgot BitView existed bruh Audio made by malerror This my big...
1 year ago 192 views vl1
A Demonstration of the Beryl 3D windows manager on the Ubuntu Edgy Eft desktop ATI Graphics card, Asus P5W Deluxe and Intel E6600...
3 years ago 85 views ScottEvil
Here's a little something I whipped up concerning old tech and my favorite 80's band! Enjoy!
5 months ago 58 views SJL
disclaimer: i don't hate ubuntu, i just didn't know how to use it
1 month ago 33 views kratt777
fecha de subida: 4, mayo, 2010, hora 2:05 usuario original: beto xD polanco descripción original: BUENO ESTO ES ALGO KE HICE...
3 months ago 25 views loquenderonostalgico
fucking usbs are shit. i might just make a cd bootable again
1 week ago 17 views Dimpo
I can't install wine32 using apt-get. System Info: Kernel: 5.15.0-56-generic x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 11.3.0 Desktop:...
10 months ago 83 views Xevinty
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