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Finally I can tell the time whilst sounding like a robot.
2 months ago 12 views ashensclassicarchive
Huge thanks to jwilins for providing the narration for this video - my spoken English is still kinda poor... sorry I couldn't use m...
1 day ago 412 views idsniper
I fought the controls, and the controls won. (Playing this back I noticed that the triangles slow down the closer they get to the ...
2 months ago 16 views ashensclassicarchive
i need content for bitview
5 months ago 32 views catsarecute87
A cheap video game system that looks like a PS3! Oh joy. The ticking noises throughout the video are made by drinking guinea pigs...
2 months ago 33 views ashensclassicarchive
This was from 2014. Just a random skit I made back then. xD -- Song Used: ? I don't own the song used. All rights go to origina...
1 week ago 61 views Cazzy
Can you feed yourself for only a pound a day? If the results of this video are anything to go by then the answer is a definite no....
2 months ago 15 views ashensclassicarchive
2 years ago 113 views SOAS