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2010 iPod Touch 4 Advert
11 months ago 92 views PandaXtremez
i may already own an iPod Touch 7, but when a friend let me know of a nearby store having a ton in stock, i had to take a look for ...
3 weeks ago 542 views soafen
iflash on ipod and now 64gb
8 months ago 331 views KindaAverageTech
Get a iPod Touch 2g :D The funnest iPod ever!
5 years ago 221 views XyDarkSonic
Just for you! because I haven't been uploading Filmed On My iPhone 3GS
5 months ago 61 views mrflintscousinflant
once againn, congratulations ! so annoying!!!!!!!!1
6 months ago 132 views jdl
I got an iPod touch 4G a couple days back. It was supposed to be here for Christmas, but it came really late. Once I got it, I jail...
4 weeks ago 58 views CreatorJo
I broke my phone so I bought iPod touch instead!
5 months ago 37 views nanopod
I used to have one of these
3 months ago 34 views PuffFilms
omg guyz mi mom gawt me teh new ipod touch 2g!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 years ago 105 views Cleber
Unthethered Jailbreak your iDevice easily with Greenp0ison Greenp0ison https://tweak-box.com/greenpois0n (I am not responsib...
7 months ago 88 views Dimpo
i love my ipod shuffle and this ad is awesome
10 months ago 62 views bruhmachine
Song: MGMT - Kids
4 months ago 61 views Default
6 months ago 52 views BlueAlta555
It is very slow and painful
5 months ago 43 views AJ
i got the recently discontinued iPod Touch 7. why? well i hope i've made a case for myself in this video..!
5 months ago 39 views soafen2
i made this btw see the HD version at https://www.youtube.com/@ripchriston1001
no rating 1 month ago 39 views ripchriston1001
these are just my opinions no hate plz
5 months ago 24 views mrflintscousinflant
I love this song and I want a 5th gen iPod
3 months ago 25 views PuffFilms
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